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Our company is a technology innovative Company that specializes in the development & production of robots and precision stages for manufacturing. Our main product, precision Stage, is a precise measuring instrument that is used for precise positioning of objects in LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED display and semiconductor manufacturing process and various inspection processes. Not only plays a key role in improving quality and productivity, but is also used in precision machinery such as 3D rigs for optical, medical, and broadcasting applications.

In order to grow into the world’s leading company in this sector, we have established a research center with development engineers, and are committed to developing original technologies. As a result, we have succeeded in localized development such as possessing 10 patents in high-precision manual stage, motorized stage, super-slim motorized stage, etc., and we are not only supplying to big companies in Korea, but also exporting to leading companies in Japan and Europe. We are recognized as a leading company in Korea by being recognized for quality excellence both inside and outside the country.

In addition, we are the leading company in the field of small precision stage and actuator. We have the best technology and professional manpower in production, design and processing technology. In particular, our QC team was established as a quality management engineer trained through rigorous self-training courses and earned ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. The motorized stage MXYR series is constructed with a strict quality management system, such as RoHS and CE certification, and continuously promotes product upgrading such as quality and performance improvement and cost reduction to provide customers with the best products at the lowest price. In addition, we have established a technical sales team composed of technical engineers to provide customized total service that minimizes the trial and error of customers and maximizes profit through smooth technical communication with customers even in the special order production requiring the difficult level of technology. After sales, we actively improve customer complaints and earn high trust and favorable reputation from customers by carrying out prompt after service.

We have been doing a various social contribution activities that contribute to the development of our local community through continuous value growth through constant challenge and enthusiasm for technology innovation and trying to open up a better future for humanity. The challenge and passion for becoming the best technology company in the world will always be with the mutual growth of our customers, and please keep an eye on the growth as a world-class company, and expect for your constant trust. Thank you.

– All employees of JAEWON Co., Ltd –