Technological innovation for a better future




12Recevied a testimonial from minister of small and medium venture business / contribution df technological innovation

4 Selected as a excellent small and medium company (Main-Biz) with Innovative management


8Selected as a alternative military service company

8Registered a International Patent in Japan (Title : Hybrid Alignment)

7Registered a International Patent in china (Title : Hybrid Alignment)


12 Awarded by President / 2018 Korea Robot Award

12 Designted as a promising export Small and Medium-sized Company (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

6 Selected as ‘Family Corporation’ of Industrial bank of Korea (IBK)

5 Relocate office(Gunpo-si, Dangjeopng-dong M-Techno Knowledge Industry Center)


12 Attracted investment from Korea Development Bank (KDB)

9 Selected as Innovative Small and Medium Business (Small and Medium Business Administration)

8 Registered as a partner of Samsung Electronics (Gwangju plane)

5 Selected as a highgrowth company export competitiveness enhancement project

1 super-slim all-in-one alignment technology deposit

1 Started exporting to Eastern Europe


12 Registered patent of stage device

9 Awarded by Minister of Industry and Commerce / Technology Innovation

6 Registered as a partner of Samsung Display (SDC)

4 Patene application for hybrid alignment international patent

3 Registered patent for position determination device


11 Dongkuk University Industry-University Cooperation Agreement

9 Hybrid Alignment International Patent Application(PCT)

7 Exhibition of Shanghai Robot Exhibition

3 Registered as a supplier in Hanwha

2 Registered patent for super-slim positioning device and rotataion displacement positioning device

2 Successful development of ultra precision (nano) tilt stage device / Small and Mecium Business Administraion


9 Registered as a Samsung IMK supplier

8 Registered patene for rotary type positioning device

8 Started exporting to Europe

7 Signed YASKAWA Electricity SI Agreement in Japan

6 Selected as leaping company (Technology Guarantee Fund)

6 Ultra Precision Tilt Stage Technology deposit (Large and Small Business Cooperation Foundation)

6 Selected as a market creation robot parts supply business / Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency

3 Registered utility model for ultrasonic welder

1 Contracted Agent contract with NOFICON, Germany


12 Designated as promising small and medium-sized export company / Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium Business Administration

9 CE and RoHs certification

5 ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 Certification

4 Super-slim Positioning Device international Patent Application (PCT) (PCT)

2 Registered patent for super-precision gonio and tilt stage


12 Certified company specialized in parts and materials (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

9 Gonio Stage & Automatic Gonio Stage Patent Registration

4 Certified as an affiliated research institue (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

3 Started exporting to Japan and Germany

2 Venture Business Certification (Technology Guarantee Fund)


12 Moved office (Knowledge Center in Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo City) / Acquired factory

8 Established JAEWON Co., Ltd