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Patent and Certification


Name of Registration Registration Date View Document
CE 2013.9.5
ISO 9001 2018.6.19
ISO 14001 2016.5.16
RoHS 2013.9.3

Company authentication / Confirmation

Name of Registration Registration Date View Document
Certification of company affiliated research institue 2018.6.11
Venture Business Confirmation 2018.5.30
Certificate of company specialized in materials and parts 2018.12.31
INNOBIZ Confirmation 2017.9.26
Small and Medium sized Export Firms Certification 2018.12.1
Performance-sharing company certification 2019.5.13


Division Name of Registration Registration Date View Document
Utility model Ultrasonic Welding Machine 2014.3.11
Patent Gonio Stage 2012.9.13
Patent Automatic Gonio Stage 2012.9.13
Patent Tilt Stage Device 2013.2.7
Patent Super-Precision Gonio Stage 2013.2.7
Patent Rotary Positioning Device 2014.8.27
Patent Ultra-thin Positioning Device 2105.2.9
Patent Rotary Positioning Device 2015.2.9
Patent Positioning Device 2016.3.28
Patent Stage Device 2016.12.19
Patent Tilt Stage Device 2017.4.26
International Patent(PCT) Hybrid Alignment 2015.9.18
International Patent(China) Hybrid Alignment 2019.7.30
International Patent(Japan) Hybrid Alignment 2016.11.2