Technological innovation for a better future



Create new values and open up a better future so that the best technology we have can be used for people’s benefit..

Although Jaewon’s products and technologies are being applied to invisible part, they are being linked by axis to axis and deliver the best value for customer’s products to achieve their superior performance. Jaewon will reach further for the goal of opening up a better future together, with creative thinking and constant challenges.


Jaewon pursues to be a hidden, but innovative and global champion that contributes to the development of local communities and industries by creating differentiated values and promoting shared growth with customers.


Customer Value


Global Company

Core Values

JAEWON perform with our core value.


We share happiness and growth with customers and employees with our corporate belief that values people.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing the best quality and service, we always consider customer value as the top priority and grow with our customers.

Technology Innovation

We create the best customer value through never-stopping technical development and innovation.


We create a new value with open-minded communication and collaboration.

Ethical management and social responsibility

We raise corporate values based on fair and transparent ethical management and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.