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Rotary Stage

▷Part Number

   Axis  Table Size   Height   Material Guide Rail   Lead
 R: θ
 40:   Ø40
 60:   Ø60
 80:   Ø80
 100:   Ø100
 120:   Ø120
 150:   Ø150 
A: Aluminium
T: Steel
M: Micrometer Head
W: Worm & Gear
S: Lead Screw
R: Rack & Pinion
C: Cross Roller
I: In Body
D: Dovetail
S: Suface Contact
B: Ball Bearing
L: Left
R: Right
C: Center

▷Product Features

  • Θ Axis Manual Rotation Stage
  • We can provide other customizing products


  • The product may malfunction due to external impact and force
  • Attaching the wrong part or attaching too much force may adversely affect the guide.
  • Moving the product with the stopper may damage the product.
Table Size
Travel Range
Load Capacity
Lead Mechanism Guide Rail Materia Type Drawing
R-40-AMS Ø40 360 1.5 1 0.05 0.05 0.1 M/H S/C AL R
R-60-AMS Ø60 360 3 1 0.025 0.05 0.3 M/H S/C AL R,L
R-80-AMS Ø80 360 3 1 0.025 0.02 0.6 M/H S/C AL R,L
R-100-AMB Ø100 360 10 1 0.045 0.03 1 M/H B/B AL R,L
R-120-AMB Ø120 360 15 1 0.04 0.035 1 M/H B/B AL R
R-150-AMB Ø150 360 15 1 0.035 0.05 1.2 M/H B/B AL R,L

*M/H :Micrometer Head      *S/C : Surface Contact      *B/B : Ball Bearing       *AL: Aluminium

1) The Roundness is a number that indicates the difference in the circular shape of the stage with respect to a randomly designated geometric circle.
2) Parallelism is defined as a parallel orientation of a stage’s upper surface to the datum surface.
3) The Load Capacity varies with guide types of the stage. The company defines it as the load that the guide can support when the target object is placed on the center of the stage.

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