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Super slim Θ-Axis2021-03-23T14:35:55+00:00
Super slim Θ-Axis

Super slim Θ-Axis

▷Part Number

Axis Tabel Size Height Material Guide Lead Precision
MR 60: 60 x 60
   (θ: Ø80)
25 A: Aluminium
T: Steel
C: Cross Roller
L: LM Guide
I: Inbody
1: Lead1
2: Lead2
5: Lead5
3: C3
5: C5
7: C7

Product Features

  • Compact and Slim Size
  • Minimized backlash and optimal design
  • High Accuracy
  • Available to select SERVO or STEP Motor to attach
  • Other customized solutions will be available


  • Beware of stage deformation due to external shock or force.
  • Do not exceed product specifications (travel range, speed, payload etc.) while using the products.
  • This may cause precision and performance deterioration, shortened lifespan, noise, deformation and damage.
  • Do not allow alien debris into stage interior while using the product. For instance, attach appropriate covering in a dust-generating environment.
  • Do not allow out-of-balance weight while using the product. This may cause malfunction of main components including ball screws and cross rollers.
  • Please refer to the aforementioned ‘Recommended Method of Use’ while attaching additional load to the stage.
  • Double-check detailed specification and size when selecting fastening bolts for utensil attachment.
Table Size
Travel Range
Load Capacity
Lost Motion
Maximum Speed
Product Weight
Mechanical Type Guide Rail Material Sensor Drawing
MR-60-25-AC13 Ø80 25 ±5 5 ±0.003 0.005 10 0.5 B/S C/R AL 2L
*B/S : Ball Screw      *C/R : Cross Roller      *AL: Aluminium      *2L : 2Limit

1) The maximum speed varies with torque properties of motors and drivers in the high-speed area. The company defines it as the speed achieved when a Servo Motor attached with an encoder (resolution 17 bit [ppr]) is operated at the speed of 78.6 [Mpps].
2) The Load Capacity varies with guide types of the stage. The company defines it as the load that the guide can support when the target object is placed on the center of the stage.
3) The company defines the Product Weight as the weight of a body of stage ONLY, without any motors attached.

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